Did you know that people love messaging businesses?

There’s a shift in how people are interacting with businesses.

Email is still important as a business owner, but you are seeing an increased amount of messages when it comes to interacting with businesses.

In fact, Facebook’s case study suggests that over 50% of consumers would rather message a business instead of the normal options like phone calls or emails.

Facebook Messenger on the Rise

With people now interacting more and more with businesses through messaging platforms, Facebook Messenger has also taken off.

Facebook messenger has over a billion monthly active users, who are now potential clients for your business, so creating an automate solution for messaging through a chatbot is an awesome way to get a leg up on your competition

Customer Service on Steroids

Messaging is becoming one of the primary ways that people communicate.

If you’ve texted someone to ask them if it’s okay to give them a call, then you 100% understand the shift as it’s happening before your eyes. This shift is changing the way that people interact with businesses, especially in the customer service realm.

Chatbots are transforming customer service for big and small businesses because of the access to RELIABLE and INSTANT support capabilities that allow your customer to be in control, which saves you and your customer TIME and MONEY.